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General Questions

Can I modify my booking?

Absolutely! You can alter your booking up to 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time by visiting our website and accessing the “Modify Reservation” section. Please refrain from sending emails to request booking changes, as they are processed in the order received and may not be addressed in time to adhere to our 24-hour cancellation policy.

You Can Edit:

Modify or Edit Booking.

Here’s what you can edit on your own:

  • Name on the booking
  • Phone number
  • Travel date and time – note: if your pick-up time is less than 24 hours away, it might be considered “ASAP”. In this case, please call the Colorado Airport Shuttles phone number.
  • Flight details
  • Luggage count
  • Flight type – Domestic or International

For any other modifications beyond this list, such as pick-up location or vehicle change requests, please contact Colorado Airport Shuttles at info@coloradoairportshuttles.com.

Now that we’ve outlined your Trip Edit options, follow these simple steps to modify your booking: To edit your booking at https://www.coloradoairportshuttles.com/

Step 1: Go to https://www.coloradoairportshuttles.com/ and click on Modify Reservation on the right side of the booking widget.

Step 2: Once on the Modify Reservation page, you will be prompted to enter your confirmation number. Provide the necessary information and click the Submit button.

Step 3: Follow the steps to submit your trip changes or to cancel your booking.

Are the vehicles insured?

Yes, all of our vehicles are insured with 24-hour commercial auto liability insurance. In addition to insurance coverage, we prioritize safety and conduct thorough driver fingerprinting and criminal background checks through the Police Department.

We also perform background checks and finger checks with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.

To ensure the safety of our passengers, our vehicles are inspected annually by the Public Utilities Commission. Additionally, all drivers are required to complete a Defensive Driving Class before beginning work and every year thereafter.

What payment methods are accepted for online transactions?

We accept a wide range of payment methods for online transactions, including all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. This ensures that our clients can choose the payment method that best suits their needs and preferences. Our online payment system is secure and easy to use, providing a seamless experience for our clients when making payments online. If you have any questions or concerns about our payment methods, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

What happens if my credit card is declined during checkout?

If your credit card payment is declined during checkout, you will receive a notification informing you that the transaction was unsuccessful. At that point, you will have the opportunity to enter a new card number or choose an alternative form of payment to complete your purchase. We understand that credit card declines can be frustrating, so we recommend double-checking that all the information you entered is correct, including your billing address and card expiration date. If you continue to experience issues, please contact your bank or credit card company to ensure that there are no issues with your account. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for support.

How do i got your service?

Please make your reservation online.

What is the arrival window for pick-ups?

We have a 15-minute arrival window for pick-ups, which means that our vehicle will generally arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled pick-up time. For instance, if your scheduled pick-up time is 10:00 AM, our vehicle should arrive between 10:00 AM and 10:15 AM. We kindly ask that you are fully prepared and waiting at your designated pick-up location at the beginning of the 15-minute window to avoid any delays or inconvenience.

What is the cancellation policy for your service?

We understand that travel plans may change, so we offer a simple cancellation process via our website. To receive a full refund minus a 10% credit card charging fee, you must cancel your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time. This policy applies to all reservations made through our website or in-person. Please note that reservations made over the phone are non-refundable.

If you cancel your reservation with less than 24 hours notice prior to pick-up time or are a no-show, we are unable to refund your payment. Additionally, a credit card charging fee of 10% will be assessed to you, regardless of when the cancellation is made.

There are no refunds for no-shows, and if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up time, you will be charged the full amount for the service.

To cancel your reservation, please email us at info@coloradoairportshuttles.com. If there are any changes to your flight schedule, such as delays, it is your responsibility to inform us by email as soon as possible. Refunds typically take 3-5 business days to show up in your account, and credit card refunds are submitted to your financial institution within one business day.

Do you offer luxury transportation services?

Yes, we offer a luxury transportation service through our sister brand, Private Service. This service provides high-end, direct transportation to and from the airport, along with non-airport options such as point-to-point and hourly charters.

Our private sedan service can accommodate up to six passengers, and we also offer SUV options in many cities for groups of the same size. With our reservation system, you can easily compare prices and book both our luxury limo service and standard shuttle service.

Enjoy the ultimate luxury transportation experience with our Private Service.

How can I report an issue or incident with my reservation?

At our company, we take all feedback seriously, and we encourage our customers to report any issues or incidents they may encounter during their reservation with us. If you have a concern or complaint, please email us with the details, and our Customer Care team will respond within five to seven business days.

We take pride in providing high-quality service, and we are committed to addressing any issues promptly and effectively. If for any reason you do not hear back from us regarding your inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

We value your feedback and strive to provide the best possible service to all of our customers.

Where can I locate your service at the airport?

At Denver International Airport, our shuttles load on Level 5 (Main Level/Baggage Claim Level). To find our shuttle, exit through Door 505 and walk to island number 2, located beneath the limo signs. This is in the East Terminal, next to baggage carousel number 3.

Please ensure that your mobile phone is turned on so that our driver can contact you if necessary. Since you have a confirmed reservation, you may proceed directly to our loading area.

Please note that toll charges are not included in the calculated cost of your reservation. If any toll charges are incurred during your trip, you will be responsible for paying the additional charge before exiting the vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns about locating our service at the airport, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to all of our customers.

How can I get a fare quote for my trip?

We strive to offer competitive pricing that falls between the cost of public transportation and a private taxi service. To receive a fare quote for your trip, simply visit our website and enter your pickup address and destination airport.

Our system will provide you with an estimated fare based on the distance and time of your trip. Please note that the final fare may be subject to change depending on traffic conditions, route changes, and other factors.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about our fare quote system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing transparent pricing and the highest level of service to all of our customers.

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